Annual Fee Program

Over the last decade, the costs of  healthcare delivery have the continued to rise, and as a result, there are more and more services that are not covered by the Ministry. They require significant time and resources to administer. The demand for these uninsured services has increased exponentially in the past few years. In the face of rising office expenses and government restrictions, we are unable to provide the services free of charge. Therefore, the payment of the services has become the responsibility of the patient or the agency requesting the service.

There are two ways which you may wish to address these fees. The first option is that you consider paying an annual fee, often referred to as "block fee", to cover uninsured services for one year. This method appears to be preferred by many of our patients. For those who choose not to accept the annual coverage program, the second option is to pay for individual services at the time the service is provided. Click here for a list of services included in the annual block fee program.

If you are financially unable to pay for an uninsured service you may request the fee exemption by writing to us on We realize that there are special circumstances.