Uninsured Service Fee Guide

The following Uninsured Services ARE covered by the Annual Fee. 

Lost notes/ Requisitions $15 & Up

Prescription Renewals $20/renewal

Fitness club forms $40

Forms required for commercial weight loss programs $30

Camp Form $30

Forms required for volunteers at nursing homes/hospitals $40

Employment Insurance/ Maternity Certificate $30

Illness/return to work notes (simple) $20

CPP Disability Form ( Charge in excess of Gov’t paid fee) $30

Notes for insurance coverage of physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, compression stockings & orthotics (at request of patient) $35

Replacement of immunization card $25

Private respite care form (with examination) $85

TB testing form – School/Daycare Simple / Complex $45 / $65 & Up

Federal Tax Credit and Related Forms $50

School/College/University Medical Certificate $30

Day Care Application Form $30

Private Insurance sickness $40 & Up

Life Insurance Death Certificate $50 & Up