How do I get referred to a specialist? 


If you wish to obtain a referral to a specialist, this must be discussed with your doctor.  We DO NOT provide referrals by phone.  Once you have discussed the reasons with your doctor, the referral and appointment will be made for you.  If you have not heard back from our office within 2 weeks, please call us to inquire about your appointment unless it is a diagnostic appointment (i.e. CT Scan or MRI).  These types of appointments take a significant amount of time to book.  Please be patient. 


How do I find out about results from tests I've had done at Uptown Health Centre? 


 To ensure timely review of your test, please make an appointment with your physician at the end of your visit to the clinic.  In line with Privacy laws, we are restricted by the amount of information our staff is permitted to give out over the phone. No news is good news...our office will generally only call you if your MD wants to review the result of the tests with you. 

What about follow-up appointments with my doctor at Uptown Health Centre? 


If your doctor wishes you to book a follow up appointment, please book the appointment prior to leaving the clinic.  This will ensure you receive your appointment in the amount of time your doctor wishes to see you again. Our telephone lines are busiest in the mornings and especially on Mondays.




What about Prescription renewals? 


When you see your doctor, please bring all your pills with you and review them with your doctor at each visit.  You will be given enough medication to last until the next planned follow-up visit.  Please ensure you have booked your follow-up appointment BEFORE you run out of your pills.  Save yourself money and frustration by ensuring you have arranged an appropriate follow-up appointment before running out of medication.





The information below is an outline of the most common questions, our patients ask, if need more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on 

What happens if I miss an appointment? 


As determined by the Ontario Medical Association, you will be billed $50.00 for an appointment with a GP and $150.00 for an appointment with a specialist ($175 for a missed annual physical examination) that is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. 

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